About Andreas Engel

Creative Director, Designer – Communication Design and Strategic Marketing

About Andreas Engel

Andreas Engel’s vivid imagination began at a young age in the remote jungles of Guatemala, where he absorbed rich cultural and ecological stimuli – from elaborate hand-embroidered textiles to iridescent beetles and the smell of sun-dried alspice and coffee – the latter of which continues to fuel his many, hard-deadline projects.

Andreas Engel studied Commercial Design and Illustration at Otis Parson’s School of Design in Los Angeles, and Parsosn’s School of Design in New York. He currently resides in New York, with his wife, son, daughter, and his dog.

Andreas Engel has deep experience in a wide range of projects, making him a valuable go-to force in virtually any design project.

With a foundation in Communication Design and Illustration, as well as a seasoned career as a colorist in Fine Art Serigraphy production, Andreas Engel has an expert eye for detail and an acute, strategic instinct for design. Over the last several years he has been heavily invested as a consultant in a variety of start-up companies, where he has directly taken charge of brand development, product design, marketing campaign design, and strategic initiatives. His efforts have spearheaded partnerships with Disney, Harley-Davidson, Marvel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and The Gap, to name a few.

Andreas Engel’s design versatility ranges from digital media to theatrical set design. Included in his design arsenal are multiple e-commerce websites, targeted e-marketing campaigns, countless photography campaigns, trade show display design, packaging design, motion graphic projects, and too many other print and media design projects.

Andreas Engel also wields a pen and regularly authors commercial blog posts, brand statements, product descriptions and articles. He also frequently generates and interprets advanced web analytic metric reports to clients to aid in strategic efforts.

Andreas Engel

Creative Director, Designer, and Illustrator, Andreas Engel.