5 Internet Marketing Tips You Need To Know

By Andreas Engel Whether you have an online business or you rely on the Internet to bring awareness to your company, brand, product, service or idea, the right Internet Marketing approach for you can make a big difference to your bottom line. But be careful, because there are Internet snake-oil marketing tricks that can both […]

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Serigraphy Survival through the Advances of Digital Print Media

Traditional printing methods have had to contend with the advent of digital print media in the last decade and a half. As a former serigrapher, I survived the headiest years of the “giclée” invasion, so I figured it might be worthwhile to document my experience.   During the 90’s and early 2000’s I produced scores […]

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Building an Effective Brand Statement on a Dime

This dog sled composition for Luff Original Headwear was created by piecing together multiple snapshots (click here for large image). It was designed to evoke a multitude of emotions for the new headwear brand, including feelings of adventure, motion, winter cheer, warmth, and pure joy. And this effective brand statement was all done on a […]

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Crafting a good Call to Action

When designing email blasts, online banners, or any ads that rely on an immediate response, a good call to action message is of the utmost importance. It must be to the point, look attractive, and have the right tone.   The above sign by the back door of a Salvation Army caught my eye and […]

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Dissecting The Photoshop Facelift

I am not a professional makeup artist, and don’t claim to be, but occasionally I need to dress up a face with photoshop to amp up a portrait photograph. This can include adding makeup, smoothing skin and applying distortion tools to tweak an expression. The example shown here does all those things… and more.   […]

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Simulating Location Photography: placing studio subjects in environments via Photoshop

i recently directed a lifestyle photo shoot for an athletic apparel company. the challenge: produce a wide range of action/lifestyle photographs for web, print, display, and marketing campaigns on a minimal budget. not easy. the first thing i did was minimize the photography budget by removing location photography from the list of options. this slashed […]

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Andreas Engel is a seasoned NYC Creative Director with experience in Strategic Brand Development, Digital and Print Marketing, Web Analytics, Copy Writing, Photography and Video Production.


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Andreas Engel has deep experience in a wide range of projects, making him a valuable go-to force in virtually any design project. With a foundation in Communication Design and Illustration, as well as a seasoned career as a colorist in Fine Art Serigraphy production, Andreas Engel has an expert eye for detail and an acute, strategic instinct for design.