Your company, brand, product, web site, or idea is only as good as what people know about it. It’s up to you to to get your information out there and build the emotional connections that ensure that your big thing goes gangbusters.

Probably one of the biggest mistakes many people/companies make is that they think their idea or product is so great (maybe it is!) that it will have legs without having to commit to advertising. People will love it and tell their friends! Big mistake. Aside from discovering your idea in the first place, people need to be told, and reminded, that the thing they like is something that they love. Once that is accomplished they will then have the confidence to buy and share their experience with your brand/product with their friends.

But why do people often resist marketing at all? More often than not the answer to that question is $$$. Photo shoots, full-page ads in magazines, television spots and sponsorships can drain the wallet very quickly. Oftentimes people try it once, don’t see big enough results and then decide once and for all that it’s not worth it in the end.

The good news is effective marketing can be accomplished on any budget. Andreas Engel has the experience and strategic creativity to craft marketing campaigns that work and grow. Techniques include organic search engine marketing, list building, list segmentation, spam-free email marketing (recipients will want your emails), print and web campaigns, video, press and much more.