Web Design

Think of your website as a living, breathing creature. It grows over time, it adapts to the ever-changing environment, it is influenced by it’s peers, it wants to be understood and loved. If neglected, it will become sad and shrivel away. On the other hand, if you nurture it, build it up and put it forward with excellence it will become popular and admired.

Andreas Engel has experience graduating sites from their infancy (and/or neglect) to full-blown successes. By utilizing a wide range of tools, including the study of customized analytic data, Andreas shapes e-commerce, portfolio, personal, and promotional web sites into essential vehicles of success for businesses and professionals.

Andreas Engel understands that building a successful web site isn’t just about making an attractive-looking page (although that IS an important ingredient) – rich content, keyword-rich copy writing, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to organically bring your site forward in search results are all extremely essential elements to ensure success. But there is not a one-size-fits-all method. Too many people or companies make the mistake of blindly throwing their weight behind designers or agencies that rely on outdated or superficial SEO tricks. These methods can actually hurt you. Why? Because search engines, like Google, are constantly changing their algorithms to ensure superficial ‘tricks’ don’t rule the web, and instead want to push honest, pure and relevant content forward. Andreas Engel knows how to navigate this the organic way: strategically emphasizing your redeeming values through strong visual, copy writing and code content.

Sample Web Design projects.