My personal and work history is a tapestry. I’ve lived in wildly diverse settings and cultures, spanning experiences such as playing soccer with oranges on overgrown lakes in Guatemala, to marching in a band on $80M high school Astroturf football stadiums in Texas, to pond Ice hockey in Canada, and street hockey in the heart of NYC using electrical tape for pucks. I have a rich cultural perspective. My work experience is equally diverse, from helping launch grass-roots programs and organizations through the arts, to launching an international tattoo clothing line with the mission of celebrating diversity through skin color and cultural art, to creating mindfulness materials for the FBI—and that’s just scratching the surface. I’ve done some things.

I always start my work by listening—not just to spoken words, but also to what is between and behind the words. I have a good ear. I’M A MUSICIAN. I find the story, the heartstrings, and put it all into an evocative narrative. I’M A WRITER. I see endless possibilities on a blank canvas and am proficient in a wide array of tools from which to choose. I’M AN ARTIST. But most of all, I take my experience and skills and strive to both boldly and humbly contribute what I can to elevate the tapestry of others.

Image: Self portrait in front of a chalkboard mural created by Andreas Engel at the Center for Peace through Culture in Housatonic, MA.